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GentleLase from Candela delivers the ‘GOLD STANDARD’ in Laser Hair Removal Treatments

GentleLase is a medical grade laser treatment that is used in aesthetic practices and hospitals globally, by aesthetic clinicians and doctors.

The laser is specifically designed to target the hair at the root, offering clients an effective, safe solution for permanent hair reduction and is suitable for all skin types and most hair colours. Suitable for most areas of the body and face, it is used by both female and male clients.

As the name suggests, Gentle Laser offers a comfortable treatment, whilst not compromising its effectiveness as a hair management method. The treatment uses Dynamic Contact Cooling for optimal client comfort, this cools and protects the skins surface during the treatment, so the heat is only generated where it needs to work.

The cooling method also ensures that there is minimal downtime after the treatment, some redness or slight swelling may occur, but this is minimal and can be managed, so you can immediately carry on with your day.

Your suitability for the treatment will be assessed during a consultation as well as a test patch being performed. Depending on the area being treated, your appointment time can range from 10 minutes for small areas such as upper lip, up to an hour if multiple areas are being treated. Your practitioner will use a small hand-piece to deliver an intense but gentle burst of energy onto targeted areas of the skin, therapeutic heat that safely and effectively removes unwanted hair.

Be free from the hassle and ongoing costs of shaving, waxing or depilatory creams and look forward to a smoother you!

A course of treatment is recommended to achieve maximum benefit, usually between 4–6 treatments, scheduled 6 weeks apart. If you’re looking to unveil a hair free you next Spring, then now is the perfect time to start a course of Gentle Laser Hair Removal.