Totally Derma

At Hereford’s Premier Aesthetic Clinic

Sapphire Aesthetics are authorised stockists of the TOTALLY DERMA Collagen Drink Supplement which tackles the root causes of ageing in the deeper layers of the skin, and delivers a holistic approach to younger-looking skin.

TOTALLY DERMA represents a new era of skincare, paving the way for an integral approach to staying young and feeling your best. I like their philosophy, it’s a sensible one, a credible one and one that starts from within. Anti-ageing, wellness and aesthetic solutions come with clinical support and proven ingredients. It is products like this that separate the hype from the real deal.

Antonia Mariconda

The Cosmetic Coach

What does drinking Totally Derma do?

Designed to support the effects of a topical regime, this powder supplement works in two ways. Externally, Totally Derma works to improve the firmness, volume and elasticity of the skin, as well as improving how hydrated and smooth the skin looks and feels. The hair and nails will also become stronger and look noticeably healthier. Inside the body, the benefits of increased collagen production means that stiff joints will become more flexible and comfortable, making this a great supplement for mature and menopausal women. Additional benefits also include improved gut health and an increase in the body’s natural free radical defence mechanisms.

  • It works from the inside: collagen contributes to skin firmness and elasticity and hyaluronic acid hydrates the skin and confers volume and density, thus filling in wrinkles.
  • It stimulates collagen and Hyaluronic Acid sites ALL OVER the body. (skin, hair, joints, tendons, ligaments, bone, gut, arteries, urethra, bladder, vagina).
  • It is a KEY supplement for peri & post-menopausal women.
  • It is a preventative solution as well as a solution for repair and maintenance.
  • Totally Derma® product formula is clinically proven to increase: skin HYDRATION, skin VOLUME, skin FIRMNESS, skin DENSITY, skin ELASTICITY

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