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We’re all guilty of neglecting our skin from time to time, especially when it means trying to fit an extensive skin care routine into our busy lives.

HydraFacial have combined six essential skin care steps into one simple facial, so you can ensure you’re not just improving the appearance of the skin, but truly restoring youthful, healthy skin.

Hydrafacial Hereford

The HydraFacial treatment uses advanced, patented vortex technology to deliver botanical ingredients with the most desirable nutrients such as hyaluronic acid, green tea extract and red algae extract.

It is also packed full of the most powerful antioxidants which work to counteract the damage of free radicals – caused by pollution, sun and stress – which can damage the skin, accelerating the ageing process.

The six simple steps of the HydraFacial treatment are: These 6 steps can be customised during each facial and tailored to safely and effectively address specific skin concerns.

Step 1 – Detox
Lymphatic drainage improves circulation, detoxification and tone, resulting in firmer skin.

Step 2 – Cleansing and Exfoliation
Dead skin cells are removed to reveal healthy, new skin whilst botanical cleansers and glucosamine are delivered deeply into the skin.

Step 3 – Brightening Agent
This gentle glycolic and salicylic solution loosens debris from pores ready for extraction whilst brightening the appearance of the skin without irritation..

Step 4 – Extraction
Painless, automated extractions draw out impurities using honey extract.

Step 5 – Hydration
HydraFacial Vortex-Fusion technology delivers a cocktail of the most advanced antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid to replenish the skin and promote optimum skin health

Step 6 – Rejuvenation
Red and infrared LED light reduce redness and stimulate collagen, repairing the skin, whilst blue LED light targets the bacteria causing acne.

It’s a good idea to book in for the treatment once a month, and to use the dedicated home care products in between. These serums contain the same ingredients used during the facial, so you can essentially extend the results until you can get yourself booked in again.

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